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Support socially disadvantaged immigrants as well as the refugee aid with your donation. All over the world, people are forced to leave their country of origin. There are many reasons for this: war and violence, persecution and discrimination, poverty and lack of prospects are just some of them. But as soon as refugees settle in Germany, the difficulties are not over. Here in Germany, too, they rely on our support. 

Little World helps migrants and refugees to find a new home in Germany. Help our project grow by donating to us. All donations go directly to our cause.


Frequently asked questions about the donation

Do you still have questions regarding your charitable donation for refugee aid? Below you will find frequently asked questions and corresponding answers. For more information about your donation, please contact us via email

Little World is a heartfelt project: for more than 14 months, we as founders have been working full-time on a voluntary basis without receiving a single cent. Rather, we have put many thousands of euros of our frugal savings into the project and borrowed money from family and friends. Why? Passion and the belief in more social togetherness. Equal opportunities and a welcoming culture are our goal - also because we know ourselves what it is like to live in a country whose language you are still learning and whose culture you don't know. From Mexico, to China, Japan and France: our team has lived in different parts of the world over many years.

Your donation will fully benefit the non-profit project Little World. We are committed to making it easier for immigrants to integrate in Germany. In this way, you support refugee aid through your donation. Your charitable donation helps us to reach more people and to expand Little World by further important areas to enable more people to integrate into our society. Our team is still full of ideas!

Yes, your donation is tax deductible.

From an amount of 300€ we automatically issue a donation receipt, since you support a charitable purpose with a donation at Little World. In this case, please be sure to include your name and address in the purpose of the donation. Also your e-mail address, if you would like to receive the donation receipt digitally.


Upon request, we will also be happy to issue a donation receipt for smaller amounts. However, up to amounts of 300 euros, a so-called simplified donation receipt is sufficient for the tax office. For this purpose, a copy of the remittance slip or the bank statement can be enclosed.

We take data protection very seriously in all our projects. This also applies to your donation, of course. We use your data exclusively in the context of your donation to Little World. Your data will not be passed on to other organizations. Your data will be transferred via a secure, encrypted internet connection (SSL).